Inspired by our superheroes
Our Super Ambassadors
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They rose to the challenge! You too, let yourself be inspired and share your Super Artworks using the #cdajusticeleague
Graphite Line ambassador
From Feroleto Antico (CZ), Italy
“My passion lies in drawing the human form and giving it a strong personal touch, expressed within each subject through carefully crafted lines giving rise to compact and elastic figures, supported by the shading and imagination of the artist and placing the work somewhere between the real and unreal.”
Luminance 6901 ambassador
From Naples, FL, United-States
“After the first portrait I drew in my high school art class, I became captivated with the challenge of photorealistic drawing and the meticulous attention to detail that it required. The labor-intensive commitment to photorealism caused me to feel driven to continue improving my technique. I began creating time-lapse videos on my YouTube channel which generated a large global audience for my work. Since then I have been pursuing a career as a photorealist illustrator and I continue to follow my passion for drawing.”
multiproduct ambassador
From Sydney, Australia
“My work is mostly about the human condition, the environment we live in and what we do in it. I draw from impulse to create something that is both skilfully and conceptually engaging and impacting on the viewer. I also love creating art based on Mythology / Fantasy.”